Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Birthday

Nels wanted a Star Wars party for his birthday. What you see below is as elaborate as the themed decorations got. Yes, the "word bubble" and its contents were Nels's idea. And no, we did not follow through; no attempts were made to recreate the interior of the Death Star. Unless some lesser-publicized corner of the Death Star was festooned with balloons and brightly colored crepe paper streamers.

Tough crowd.

How much personal space do seven year-old boys need?

Not much.

I'm no fool; I knew just the man to leave in charge of the cake.

Nels got an assist (or two) blowing out the candles.

Clone trooper Nels.

From this:

to this:

in seven years. I can hardly wait to see what's next.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and sweet birthday tribute! Loved ALL the pics of the boys and decorations. And the newborn to now pic was precious.

Jen :-)

Gypmar said...

Thanks, Jen :)

eric O said...

NICE CAKE!!! Ask Shaun if we can hire him to do Dietrich's next year. If the bakery will cover the travel expenses, that is.

Ariana said...

Happy Birthday, you sweet, sweet boy! Love the cake-- awesome job, Shaun!

alison owen said...

happy birthday nels!
gypsy- you are brave to attempt a kid birthday party- looks like it was a success!