Sunday, May 23, 2010

Give a Boy a Camera

Now that Shaun has graduated to something fancier, we sometimes turn the boys loose with our little point-and-shoot camera. I always enjoy seeing what they choose to take pictures of and how they go about doing it.

Willem thought it would be a great idea to take a picture of the TV when it was on, so we have a lot of photos of white, blurry fields of light. He's also very short (not for a four year-old, but compared to me), so there are lots of alarming pictures of me taken from exceedingly unattractive angles.

I include the following picture (taken by Willem) because it perfectly encapsulates a Wednesday afternoon in the Martin household. On Wednesday nights I go to my writing group. So on Wednesday afternoons, you'll often find me like this: showered but sans makeup, wearing my most comfortable clothes, sitting like a zombie in front of the computer and abandoning the kids to their favorite babysitter, the television. If I ever manage to get started writing, Wednesday is the one day I give myself permission to neglect all homemaking duties and just try to get enough words down on paper to be worth reading that night. My blank stare and the partially-filled computer monitor indicate that I was actually getting some writing done on this particular day.

I'm not sure why my hand is so fancy.

When Nels takes pictures, he experiments with the unconventional: he'll lay on his back or stomach to get a shot:

Or twirl:

And, of course, he always knows how to bring out the best in his brother.


Nathan said...

SO cute.

penny likes to do the same, but she thinks photos of herself is much more fun than hassling me!

BTW- you are such a great writer, I love when you post.


Gypmar said...

Thanks, Carol!

Ariana said...

This was super funny! Thank you. I like your "fancy" hand, too.