Thursday, April 22, 2010

IS It a Helluva Town?

Shaun and I intend to find out--we're headed to New York City this summer to celebrate our 10th anniversary.

And we need your help.

We don't want to come back and kick ourselves for missing something really great. We'd also prefer to avoid restaurants and sights that are famous but overrated.

Whether or not you've lived there or just visited, we'd be interested in hearing what you love and what you'd skip. Luckily for us, we have the fabulous brains of the Owens to pick, and their knowledge alone could fill up more time than we have.

We'll be there from June 22-27th, which gives us four full days. We'll be staying at the Fashion 26, a brand spankin' new Wyndham Hotel. With a special offer through Travelzoo, we got our room for over $100 off the regular rate. So it will only cost us an arm.



Danica said...

WHAT! That's what Steve and I are doing for OUR 10th Wedding anniversary. So you must share all the good stuff you find out to do /eat. We'll be there for five days at the beginning of June. That would've been fun if it had been the same time!

Gypmar said...

OH MY GOSH. IT WOULD HAVE! You're killing me.

Yes, we'll share :)

Nathan said...


I'm going to the Fancy Food Show for work.

I will will definitely be going to Baked in Brooklyn.

I'll let you know where we are sister is an expert!


Trader Joel said...

Steph and I went to NYC for our 10 year last October...kind of a theme apparently. We had an awesome time. Steph had never been, so we saw a lot of the big stuff...but we also did a lot of great neighborhood exploring and some great eating. Drop us a line if you want any was a great trip.

Hillary said...

Jealous, jealous, jealous. I've been to tons of fun places to eat and shop but don't remember the name of a single one. However, I DO remember finding the only coffee I've had in the US that was very close to the style and goodness of coffee in Italy. So order up some cappuccini for me!

Emily said...

Drinks with Emily and Micah!!! It is time, Gypsy. Also, I stalk Carol's blog too, so I can creep you all out at once! It would be fun.

Gypmar said...

SWEET, Emily! That's totally what I was fishing for :)