Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Labor Day

We had a very nice time over the Labor Day weekend visiting with the Macks and meeting our newest niece. And we have the photos to prove it.

Here's Heidi Caroline! She's changed a lot in a month (as they do) but this is what she looked like when we met her.

Do I really need three pictures of Willem shucking corn? Why yes, I do. Be sure to click on the second one so you can see him giving that ear of corn the ol' pirate-eye of effort.

This doesn't look like a relaxing way to watch TV to me, but to each his own.

One of Nels's favorite things to do is pound nails into a stump. I'm hoping Shaun told Nels to move his thumb right after he took this photo. This might look alarming to you, but at this age Shaun was gutting fish with a sharp knife. So Nels is actually behind when it comes to digit-endangering activities.

He was very proud of this frame he made. He'd want me to show you.

Playing with kitchen utensils in a sink full of water. Doesn't this make you wish you lived in a log house?

Cousin Henry leads the dimple brigade.

Willem is four months older than Henry and tries to teach him at least one new bad habit every time they get together. Here they're just playing.

Family portrait for those of you who haven't already been treated to it on Facebook.

That's all, folks.


Mullins said...

Those are great pictures. The second corn-shucking one looks like Willem is playing the corn like a violin. Cute. I'm jealous of that cozy cabin you get to visit. Looks seasonally cozy.

Anonymous said...

your boys are SO cute Gypsy.


Jana said...

I NEED to see you!!

kylee said...

I've been missing your updates! you are interesting and we like to read.

Oleg K. said...

The first thing I said when I opened your new post: "Oh! Look at that baby!!" and, mind you, I don't often get side-tracked by babies.

The other pics are adorable too. I think I'll give something the 'ole pirate effort today.

Bing! You have a new fan.

Amy said...

Looking good! Can't wait to all be together again for Thanksgiving.

Gypmar said...

Jeff--Once again Shaun gets the credit for all the great pictures :)

Carol--Thanks! You have a mighty fine-looking crew yourself.

Jana--Yep! We've got to figure that out.

Kylee--You are too kind and we are too busy. The more we do the less time I have to write about it.


Amy--Can you read my mind? I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving too, and said so in this post before I edited it.