Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's Easter! Let's Have a Poem.


For joy like this, the only words I know
I've had to borrow from the other side:
knocked out, steamrolled, damn, I almost died,
familiar phrases for some crushing blow 
that brings you to your knees. I've been laid low
by love, ground into dust by heaven's wheels.
Funny how much like this rock bottom feels, 
the tears, the weakness, and the letting go.

My blessing: May you, in your turn, break down
and lose your marbles. May you fall apart,
be smashed to smithereens and blown away,
scattered in all directions. May you drown.
May happiness make mincemeat of your heart;
and helpless, may you wring your hands and pray.

                                                           --Rose Kelleher


Mullins said...

Wow! That is an amazing poem! I love the way she puts it. It really moved me. Thank you.

Karen said...

More Wow! Blessings on you all.