Friday, November 14, 2008

We're Home!

That's right, home.  Can you believe it?  

Yes, we're home, and just in the nick of time.  I expected Willem to be sleepy from his medication, but, instead, the hospital environment has seriously disrupted his sleep schedule and he has slept only about half as much as he usually does for the past three days. 

A tired Willem is a terrible thing to behold, even on the best of days.  Thus I find myself in the strange position of wanting to strangle my poor darling three-year old child who has just been through the most trying experience of his life.  Of course, I'm a little behind on sleep myself.  In my case this resulted in tears at the dinner table because I thought Shaun was looking at me funny.

Anyhow, there will be more tales to tell of our interesting experiences, but I just wanted to share our happy news.  If today is any indication, we will have a stressful week or two ahead of us as Willem heals up and gets his sleep back on schedule.  Other challenges include trying to remember not to pick Willem up underneath the arms for six weeks and preventing him and Nels from wrestling with one another, an activity they usually engage in several times a day.

So, that's the latest, and I'm glad the hospital portion of this latest adventure has come to a close.  I'm off to sleep on my own pillow in a room that doesn't beep.  Good night!


Jenny, Ryan & Libby said...

We are so glad everything went well with Willem and that you are back home! I'm sure you guys want to take it easy for a while, but we would love to help out in any way we can. If you would like a meal, a visit or just prayer please let us know. I talked with Shaun today and he was very positive, he even shared a little about the surgery and how it work, but I would be quite interested in hearing more about it when you are up for it. Happy dreams!

Jana said...

Gypsy, I cannot believe you are home. You're right, kids heal fast!!!! What a heck of week, praising God with you. FYI, Rob is totally stuck on moving back. We were looking at real estate on the web last night:) You never know, maybe we will live in the same town some day.

Gretchen said...

Oh Gypsy, you have all been through such a stressful experience! I'm glad you can now be home and relax in your own beds and maybe just maybe Willem will sleep in for yours and his sake tomorrow! =0)

Heidi Jo said...

So glad you're home! And so glad everything went well. Keeping him from wrestling will be entertaining, I'm sure. My brother cracked his skull when he was only 2, and the only thing the dr. told my mom was to keep the 2-year-old boy still for 2 months. Not sure how she did it, but he grew up with only a few twitches. :) So So So glad Willem is good, and hopefully things will return to normal soon enough.

Amy said...

Gypsy, just catching up on the posts I've missed since we've been gone! Oh, this one made me laugh =D. Sorry! But right now that is soooo how I feel and, well, misery does love company. I'm thrilled things there seem better and we are very excited to see you guys!