Monday, September 29, 2008

Just Getting It Out Of My System

Every once in a while I fall in love.  It's usually with a coat.  Or a dress.  Or a pair of shoes.  Something spectacular and fabulously expensive.  I used to just say "It can never be,"  and walk away.  The problem with this approach was that I never stopped thinking about the object of my affection.   I imagined how great it would be to wear this amazing item, how people would be able to discern what an original and interesting person I am when I wore this item and therefore want to be friends with me...  Well, you get the idea.

Finally I learned that all I had to do to snap out of it was just try the thing on.  Thanks to shoulders two inches below where they should be (or a waist two inches too high), very few things that I pick up off the rack actually look good on me.  They usually look horrible.  And it is a huge relief when I look like a linebacker in the coat, or the shoes look and feel miserable (as they almost always do) on my wide feet.  I am able to laugh at my folly and move on.

All that to say, I am going to a voice-over class on Thursday and a voice acting class next Wednesday.  I'm quite sure it will be a terrible fit, but it's always been intriguing to me.  When a castmate of mine at the community theater in Whittier was taking classes and getting a bit of work, I wished it were something I was looking into.  And when my sister worked for an ad agency, she had a hand in producing some spots requiring voice-overs.  She encouraged me to check it out.

So I am.  And could any venue be less threatening than a community education course offered by a public school district?  I think not.  I hope not.  Though apprehensive about the nature and extent of class participation that will be expected, I can't pass up the opportunity to put to rest the thought of, "I wonder if I could do that?"  For all I know, I will have no interest in doing that.  That would be great.  As great as a $300 dress that gapes in all the wrong places.   At the very least I'll get out of the house and have something to write about for a change.


Hillary said...

I have bought many an expensive coat by "just trying it on." Be careful, I think the voice-over thing just might fit :)

Heidi Jo said...

Hi Gypsy! Randomly I was clicking through blog after blog today and came across yours! I love it, how fun to catch up on your lives. This is Heidi Hammer, by the way ... from long lost days at Granada. It looks like you guys are doing fabulously. So glad to see it! Take care!

Gretchen said...

Chris works at a Voice Over L.A. as an audio engineer! He auditions every once in a while and has done a few adds.
I hope you like voice over!

Josh said...

What a great posting! Great insight.


Amy said...

Ok, nothing related to your post (as great as it was) but I just heard that you know the brother and sis-in-law of a dear dear friend. This is wonderful news to me, mostly because I love those odd connections! +D