Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mall Story

Willem got a nosebleed in Dillard's today, just as I was giving a rack of 70%-off sand-colored silk clothing the once-over.

I said a prayer of thanks that I'd parked the stroller just out of arm's reach of the rack, and attended to the mess.

Nels looked on, by all appearances unperturbed. Then he said, "My heart is breaking up into stars."


Hillary said...

A born poet!

Ancy Ancy said...

Oh - that Nels - captures my heart, again!

Tell the boys that GG'ma Cathy has a bulletin board in her room filled with pictures of them. They make her smile all the time. Linda just sent some photos of them on their bikes! Very cool!

Gypmar said...

I sure will. They speak of her often.

Hillary said...

"So, Willem, I was thinking of GG'ma Cathy today."

"Yes, yes, Nels, I too, had a thought of her. Do you suppose she's well?"

"Oh, definitely. I hear she looks upon images of our angelic faces daily."

"Is that right? Well, well. Such a good soul. Our GG'ma, Cathy. And Antsy Nancy?"

"As a matter of fact, Willem, I just read a note from her on mom's blog the other day."

"Superb. Well, what do you say we get back to the John Deer?"

nancy said...

I'll have to read this to mom - hope it will help give her a laugh. I wish laughter really was a good medicine.

Gretchen said...

Wow, what a poetic phrase! Thank goodness the nosebleed was contained. =)

Gretchen said...

Regarding Greek yogurt, I buy mine at La Habra Ranch market. It was 2.49 for two pounds. If you can find some little obscure market it will probably be there!
Thanks for the idea!