Thursday, January 17, 2008

Do I Have A Problem?

Or is this normal? It's not that I think that someone who seldom ventures farther than Albertson's or the doughnut shop needs this many shades of lip color. It's just that I haven't found THE ONE yet. You know. The one that makes my eyes a piercing blue, gives my cheeks a rosy glow, and makes me look like I am the world's most well-rested woman.

(And, yes, this is what remains AFTER I threw a bunch out. The only one being kept for sentimental reasons rather than wearability is a MAC red called Ruby Woo that I wore for a play set in the 40s.)


Hillary said...

All of the colors certainly look glamorous against your red wall. And anything with the name Ruby Woo must not be thrown out.

Nancy said...

Yes, Hillary! And... dare I say one worn for such sparkling performances should not be sequestered.